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2016/17 Ritual Response 95

High perfomance Schläger von Ritual

Verkaufspreis 255,00 CHF
Preisnachlass: -65,00 CHF



A high performance Schläger, der eine traditionelle mid curve hat.


  • 95% Carbon / 5% Kevlar with a 24mm mid curve

  • Smooth, continuous curve distributed along the full length of the shaft for a traditional feel

  • Not as  aggressive as the late bow designs but with enough curve for modern skills

  • Made with premium composite materials sourced from Japan, France & Switzerland

  • Main component is 20 layers of 3K Carbon (from Toray in Japan), laid down in an alternating sequence of orientations for optimum balance of power and feel

  • The triple wall construction has excellent lateral and torsional stiffness generating excellent hitting power

  • Features rectangular styled sides for increased power and a larger edge hitting zone

  • Handle is wrapped in an Anti-Shock Foam and a factory fitted Dutch Chamois for perfect grip in wet conditions

Bottom Line:

Especially suited to more upright players looking for a stick with traditional handling characteristics and style plus a high performance edge.



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