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+ Aktion! Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel Pro

Hersteller: FASTPLAY

Verkaufspreis 150,00 CHF

The Gryphon BlueSteel range is a top level collection giving you absolute pure power and feel. The ultra-premium materials used in this range gives you the perfect power to weight ratio without losing out on the feel. The BlueSteel range encourages you to hone your skills to the next level by providing feedback through your hand contact to help you become the best player you can possibly be. This range excels itself in providing you with ultimate performance, a real raw feel and the trademark Gryphon high quality and power.

Head Shape: Maxi
Curve: 24mm
Curve Position: 250mm
Head Thickness: 23.7mm
Shaft Depth At Narrowest Point: 20mm
Shaft Width at Widest Point: 49mm
Handle Width Without Grip: 27mm
Handle Width With Grip: 30.5mm


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